The City of Dacula is a strong supporter of a superior educational system and producing exceptional talent in the arts, medicine, law, and life science industries. Both public and private educational institutions are located within the City. Gwinnett County Public Schools is considered to be a premier primary and secondary system, producing students that achieve in higher education. Superior technical, college and university schools are conveniently located, such as Georgia Gwinnett College, just minutes from Dacula.

There are two Gwinnett County Public School clusters within the City limits. Please see below for the Gwinnett County Schools that service those two clusters. Please contact Gwinnett County Public Schools for any further information.

Dacula Cluster

Dacula HS
Dacula MS
Alcova ES
Dacula ES
Mulberry ES

Archer Cluster

Archer HS
McConnell MS
Cooper ES
Harbins ES
Lovin ES

The City is home to three (3) private educational institutions (listed below). Please contact the individual institutions for further information.

Harbins Preparatory School
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Hebron Christian Academy
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Dacula Classical Academy
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