The City of Dacula Marshal’s Department and the Gwinnett County Police Department are valuable resources to help the residents feel safe in our community.

In the event of an emergency or to report criminal / suspicious activity, contact 911 before contacting the Marshal’s Department.

Dacula Marshal’s Department:

Marshals are State Certified law enforcement officers, also sworn as Gwinnett County Deputy Sheriff’s, and charged with enforcing state laws and city ordinances inside the city limits of Dacula.  The Department provides assistance to the Gwinnett County Police Department’s East Precinct officers, as needed, since we are often closer to emergency calls than they are at any given time.

Your Marshals are proud to serve our community and remain available to answer your questions and respond to your concerns.  Please feel free to contact the Department using the phone number below if you have any questions or wish to report a code violation. THE IDENTITY OF ALL PERSONS REPORTING VIOLATIONS OR CRIMINAL/SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

Contact Information:

Monday – Friday (8:30am – 5:00pm)
442 Harbins Road, Dacula, 30019

You may call the Marshal’s Department after hours, but please leave a voicemail with contact information.

Municipal Code

Gwinnett County Police Department:

The Gwinnett County Police Department is a nationally accredited police agency responsible for providing law enforcement services to the entire County, including the City of Dacula.

Contact Information:
Gwinnett County Police East Precinct
2273 Alcovy Road, Dacula, Georgia 30019