A Resolution Opposing House Bill 302 and Senate Bill 172, Preemption of Local Building Design Standards, And Opposing House Bill 937, Residential Building Material and Design Preemption 

The Mayor and City Council signed a Resolution Opposing  House Bill 302 and Senate Bill 172, Preemption to Local Building Design Standards, and House Bill 937, Residential Building Material and Design Preemptionon March 5, 2020. The subject legislation would prohibit local government from regulating “building design elements” in single or double family dwellings.  Legislation would forbid the City from enacting zoning conditions and ordinances related to the following design elements:

(A) Exterior building color;
(B) Type or style of exterior cladding material;
(C) Style or materials of roof structures or porches;
(D) Exterior nonstructural architectural ornamentation;
(E) Location or architectural styling of windows and doors, including garage doors;
(F) The number and types of rooms;
(G) The interior layout of rooms; and
(H) Types of foundation structures approved under state minimum standard codes.

Prohibiting local officials from regulating these “building design elements” would limit the communities’ ability to uphold community aesthetics, material standards, and property values. Furthermore, it could negatively impact economic development efforts and harm competitiveness in the area. Gwinnett Municipal Association (GMA) encouraged local officials to pass a resolution opposing, House Bill 302, Senate Bill 172, and House Bill 937, and forward the Resolution to the City’s State Representatives.

 City of Dacula’s State Representatives:

Senator P.K. Martin IV, District 9
324-B Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, GA 30334
Office: (404) 463-6598
Email: p.k.martin@senate.ga.gov

Representative Chuck Efstration, District 104
131 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
Office: (404) 656-5105
Email: chuck.efstration@house.ga.gov