Gwinnett Recycles, did an in-depth study on litter in our community, with 125 volunteers completing a cleanup and plastic litter audit in every city in Gwinnett! What they learned after collecting 5.34 tons of trash and analyzing 10,042 pieces of plastic litter is amazing. The report highlights the top plastic products and packaging that litter your city and our county (#1 – Drink bottles, #2 – Plastic bags, #3 – Snack wrappers), the top companies whose products were found commonly littering our community (#1 – PepsiCo, #2 – Coca-Cola, #3 – Kroger), and a selection of other standout findings, including the high percentages of single-use plastic (96%) and food and drink packaging (69%). Download the report:

Gwinnett Recycles appreciates and supports your efforts to reduce plastic waste and litter in our community.