If I move into Dacula, will I have to pay city taxes?

Yes, if you own property. Currently, the 2019 city millage rate is 4.806 on the taxable amount. For a home and property worth $100,000, the taxable amount, disregarding any homestead exemption, would be $40,000. A homeowner in this situation would pay $40,000 x .004806, or $192.24, for the year in city taxes. Gwinnett County provides tax billing services for the City of Dacula. City tax is included in the bottom line of your county tax statement. You would make one payment to the county Tax Office covering your county and city taxes. In addition, you may see a line item for residential sanitation services of $228.00 on the tax bill also. You will not receive a separate bill from the City. If you have questions about your tax bill prior to 2001, please contact City Hall.

What should I do to start trash pickup services?

If you are a newcomer to Dacula, click on the link below or call City Hall at 770-963-7451 to purchase a City of Dacula trash can ($55 per can) and to receive a recycling bin free of charge. Each home is allowed a maximum of two (2) 95-gallon City issued cans for weekly trash services.

Click here for more information on trash & sanitation services

Does the city offer recycling?

Recycling service is provided on a bi-weekly Friday schedule and is a free service to Dacula residents. Click on the link below or call City Hall at 770-963-7451 to request a 95-gallon recycling bin. Citizens are encouraged to participate!

Click here for more information on trash & sanitation services

How do I dispose of my bulk items / construction debris / yard debris?

There are additional charges for bulk item pickup and limb chipping services. Leaf removal services are available during the fall free of charge. Call City Hall at 770-963-7451 to arrange for these special services, which are provided on Monday or Friday. Subject fees are billed directly by the City at time of request.

Click here to request Bulk Item pickup

Click here for Chipping Request form

Click here for more information on sanitation & recycling services

You can contact Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful for further disposal and landfill information or look on their website.

How do I get utility service to my new home?

Contact the appropriate utility directly to set up services.

Click here for further utilities information

I’m new to Georgia. What should I do about my car registration and auto tags?

You are allowed 30 days after residency to register your vehicles. You should contact the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner’s Tag Division at 770-822-8818 to find out what to do. The Tag Division is located in the Gwinnett County Government Annex at 750 South Perry Street in Lawrenceville. An emission inspection will probably be required. Log onto Gwinnett County on the Web. Click on the Tax Commissioner site for additional information. After you receive a license plate, you may be able to renew online.

Are jobs with the city available?

From time-to-time jobs become available. Fill out an employment application at City Hall or click the link below for available positions.

Click here for job opportunities

What recreational activities are available for children in the summer?

The Dacula Athletic AssociationHebron Christian Recreational Ministry and the Dacula Soccer Club provide summer recreational opportunities. The city’s Maple Creek Park, on McMillan Road, is available for walks, play and nature outings.

When are the next city elections?

City Municipal nonpartisan elections are scheduled and conducted in accordance with the Georgia Election Code and the City of Dacula Charter and are generally held in odd years.  For more information, please visit the Elections/Elecciónes page.

City, county, state, and federal elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The polling place for municipal election is at City Hall. Polling places for all elections are found on your voter registration card. Polls are open from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m.

You may complete a voter registration application for all Georgia elections at City Hall or at Gwinnett County Voter Registrations and Elections Office, 455 Grayson Highway, Suite 200 in Lawrenceville.

Where can I go to sign up for unemployment or ask other labor questions?

You can apply for unemployment benefits at any Georgia Department of Labor Career Centers. The nearest Career Center is located at 2211 Beaver Ruin Rd, Suite 160, in Norcross. Log onto the Georgia Department of Labor site for information and other locations.

How do I file for an Open Records Request?

Contact City Hall and request an Open Records Request form. Once the request form has been received, a member of City staff will contact you within three (3) business days regarding your request per the Georgia Records Act (O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70 et seq.). 

Click here to download an Open Records Request form

I have a home business; do I need a business license / occupational tax certificate?

Yes. You will need to apply for an Occupation Tax Certificate with the City of Dacula and fill out the Customary Home Occupation form. Click here to access forms and learn more about Occupational Tax Certificates. 

Do I need a permit to host a special event at my place of business?

Yes. Your business will need to apply for a temporary use permit if hosting a special event on the premises. Please note that a maximum of six temporary use events are allowed per location for any given calendar year with a maximum of two permits per month. Click here to access the application form. Please contact the Planning and Development Department with any questions.

What is the difference between a Notice of Violation and a Citation?

A Notice of Violation (NOV) notifies the recipient that the City believes the recipient committed one or more violations of the City Ordinance and provides instructions for coming into compliance. No further action is taken if the recipient comes into compliance within the stated timeframe.

A Citation notifies the recipient of City Ordinance violation(s) and requires further action by the recipient. Citations that do not require a court appearance can be paid online before your court date. The recipient may also choose to not pay the citation fine ahead of court proceeding and be heard by the Judge on his / her case. If the citation reads, MUST APPEAR, then the recipient is required to appear in court at the appointed date and time.

Please note: compliance is still required after paying the citation fine and/or attending Municipal Court.

What is the difference between incorporated and unincorporated Dacula?

Incorporated Dacula is the geographic areas within the defined municipal boundary or City limits. Residents and businesses within the municipal boundary are governed by the City and receive City services. Areas outside of the municipal boundary with a “Dacula address” are considered unincorporated and governed by Gwinnett County.