Public Meeting Regulations

Dacula city hallAgenda

An agenda for the meetings will be available as far in advance of the meeting as is possible. These will be posted at City Hall prior to the meeting date. The Agenda is prepared by the City Administrator, and items to be included must be in his hands at least four days prior to the meeting date.


All votes in the council meeting shall be taken by show of hands. An affirmative vote of a majority of the members voting shall be required to adopt a motion. If a Motion to Approve an item is defeated by the vote, the vote does not constitute an affirmative denial of the item. Instead, a Motion to Deny should immediately follow to bring closure to the item. Likewise, if a Motion to Deny an item is defeated by the vote, the vote does not constitute and affirmative approval of the item. Instead, a Motion to Approve should immediately follow to bring closure to the item.

A tie vote shall result in the Mayor casting a vote to break the tie. If the Mayor is unavailable to vote or must abstain such that the tie cannot be broken, the vote shall cause the motion to be defeated.

Public Participation

The Dacula City Council welcomes visitors to Council meetings. Subject to the following, the Council is willing to hear any person except a candidate for public office or an employee of the City.

Persons who wish to speak will do so at the Public Comment portion of the agenda. A time limit of ten (10) minutes is allowed for this portion of the agenda. The time limit will usually allow about five speakers at each Council meeting.

In order to keep the noise level down and to provide respect for the business of the Council, all cell phones and pagers must be off or on silent mode of operation during the Council meeting.

Public hearing and the business of the Council often have to do with property-rights issues. Public demonstrations such as whistling or clapping are prohibited.

All persons addressing the Council shall give their name and address. The person shall state whether (s)he is speaking for himself/herself or a group. The person must indicate if any family member has a personal interest in the pending matter.

Anyone wishing to speak must fill out a public comment form and hand it to the City Administrator. During the Public Comment period, the speaker must be recognized by the Mayor. A strict time limit will be applied to each speaker and depending on the number to speak, that limit is 3 to 5 minutes.

Respect for others, civility and brevity are paramount. Disruptive behavior will not be permitted. Loud, obnoxious or unruly persons will be escorted out. Once a vote is called, no further discussion is permitted.