City Council Meetings

Work Sessions

These meetings take place on the last Thursday of each month and are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 442 Harbins Road. This session starts at 6:00 PM. The agenda for the Work Session is posted on the bulletin boards in the entrance to City Hall prior to the meeting. The public is invited to attend the Work Sessions, however, they are not allowed to speak or contribute to the meeting unless they are invited to the discussion by the Mayor and Council. The rules for public participation at any public meeting are contained in a brochure available in the Council Chambers. Quorum and voting rules do not apply to Work Sessions.

Council Meetings

These meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers, 442 Harbins Road.


Three Council Members need to be present at any meeting to constitute a Quorum.


Certain items require a public hearing before the proposal can come to a vote by the City Council. Public hearing rules allow ten (10) minutes for favorable discussion and ten (10) minutes of discussion by those opposed to the proposition. Any speaker must provide the Mayor or the City Administrator with a speaker’s form prior to the beginning of the meeting. After the public hearing is concluded and Council’s questions are discussed, the Council either adopts, tables or defeats the matter. The Mayor will request a MOTION on the matter. A Council member makes a motion by saying “So Move” or “I make a motion.” Another Council member must second the motion by saying “Second” before the Mayor can call for a vote. Once the question is called for a vote by the Mayor, no more discussion is allowed. A majority of those voting on the question (usually three) is required to pass the motion. The Mayor votes only in the case of a tied Council vote.


To Adopt an Ordinance or Carry a Motion requires the majority of those voting (usually three YES votes). An Abstention counts as a NO vote according to Roberts Rules of Order. To kill an item requires a majority of those voting (usually three NO votes). The Mayor does not vote unless there is a tie of two NO and two YES votes. The Mayor will then vote to break the tie.

Remarks of Citizens

Citizens are invited to make comments in the public participation portion near the end of the agenda. The public participation portion of each meeting is limited in length to ten (10) minutes. Citizens may also speak in the public hearing portions of the agenda by presenting the public participation form mentioned above. Citizens wishing to speak topic will be required to state their name and address for the record and print their name and address on a sign-in sheet.

Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the Council Meeting is available in the Council Chambers prior to the Council Meeting. The agenda is also posted on the bulletin board in the entrance to City Hall.

Executive Sessions

These meetings are held on an as-needed basis. When these meetings are required, the regular Council Meeting is recessed while the Mayor and Council members meet to discuss sensitive topics prior to public meetings or votes. The topics include real estate purchases, employee issues and legal issues. Once the Executive Session has concluded, the Mayor and Council will re-enter the Council Chambers to conclude the Council Meeting. If any of the topics discussed require votes, the Mayor and Council will call for the vote (see above voting rules). Once voting, if any, occurs, then the regular Council Meeting is adjourned.