Debris Cleanup from Hurricane Irma

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, I know that many Dacula residents have trees and limbs down. We are in the process of chipping that storm-related debris at no cost to the residents. (Note, if you have non-storm related items for disposal, you must come in a pay for removal of those items. At this time the City is focused on removal of storm-related debris.)

Some things to keep in mind. You do not have to call to get this debris chipped. City maintenance workers will go street by street in cleaning up the debris. We can only chip limbs that are up to six inches in diameter. Branches and blocks of tree debris that are 6 inches or more should be processed by the resident into firewood lengths and shared with wood burning neighbors.

I ask for patience in this matter. We have a lot of debris down. It will take some time to remove, and we are not giving out timelines for completing any given street or neighborhood.