Proposed Project (PI Nos. 0013893-97):

The Georgia DOT is continuing the transformation on SR 316 to create a freeway-style facility with five reconstruction projects to remove traffic signals from SR 20/Collins Hill Road t SR 8/US 29 Winder Highway in Gwinnett County.  The five projects will add five miles of free-way style operation on SR 316 with Collector Distributions (CDs), and seven total miles when combined with the Gwinnett County improvements under construction at Harbins Road. Expanding the free flow access on SR 316 to 17 miles without traffic signals and accomplishing the Department’s goals to increase mobility, reduce congestion and the frequency and severity of crashes on SR 316.

For more information and to provide feedback, please visit Transforming State Route 316: Reconstruction Projects. The comment period closes on January 8, 2021.

Contact Amber Phillips at Georgia DOT with questions or concerns at 404-631-1117 or


In keeping with Governor Brian Kemp’s directive to keep state government agencies functioning as Georgia combats the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia DOT is moving forward by placing project information and coordiantion into a web-based platform with no need for face-to-face contact.