UPDATED – Transportation Projects in the Dacula area

There are several transportation related projects coming to the Dacula area. Several of these involve complex funding mechanisms, and many have asked when these projects are likely to start.

A County transportation official has given the City some rough estimates as to the start dates for County projects:

  • Late 2017 or early Mid to late 2018  construction letting for Winder Highway bridge replacement project-42 parcels currently being acquired for right of way. The project includes a raised 5-lane bridge over the CSX railroad tracks, a raised intersection of Dacula Road/Harbins Road at Winder Highway, turn lanes at all approaches and widening to include turning lanes from the bridge to Dacula Middle School and at the Broad Street intersection. New sidewalks, curb & gutter, drainage structures, and signal and pole improvements. Construction of a new adjacent bridge is planned to be added to the project east of the intersection and is proposed to be funded from the 2017 SPLOST. The current project has a total budget of $10 million and the new adjacent bridge has a proposed budget of $8 million.
  • Summer Spring 2017 –Joint County/City sidewalk projects — Rights of Way being acquired–permit to tie slopes to a cemetery property being acquired from the courts. Construction bids were taken 1/12/2017. Award of the project to be requested at BOC’s 2/21/2017 meeting. Project to be completed by late 2017. The work will include the installation of about 4,500 linear feet of sidewalk, curb & gutter, drainage and grading work. A total of 14 parcels are acquired.
  • 2019 Late 2018 — GA 316/Harbins Road Grade Separation project — funding arrangements being worked out. This project includes a new interchange to bridge Harbins Road over GA 316 and to add a diamond interchange with ramps on all four corners. The total project cost is $60 million and is proposed to be funded out of 2017 SPLOST. Project is in preliminary design and advanced acquisitions on several of the approximately 50 parcels has begun. Full right-of-way acquisition is expected to begin by late this year with a construction letting in late 2018.
  • >2022 — Sugarloaf Extension project in the Dacula area

Two projects of more immediate concern are:

  • Next few days — Colonial Pipeline replaces their petroleum pipeline through Dacula — may cause delays on Harbins Road Project is underway
  • Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2016 — City’s Harbin Oaks Street reclamation/paving project Project is complete