Updated September 15 – Colonial Pipeline to Replace Petroleum Pipeline in Dacula

Colonial Pipeline has decided to replace the entire section of pipeline that runs through Dacula. This is a direct result of other issues encountered  while repairing an initial leak(s) in early 2016. The pipeline itself is actually two steel pipes, a 40” and 36”, with electrolysis satellites within the pipe right-of-way. The planned start date for the project is Monday, September 12th. No date has been set for the completion of this project.

UPDATED September 15, 2016: Colonial will be maintaining the Right-of-Way (ROW) corridor in our area in the near future. Maintaining the ROW corridor requires periodic side-trimming and reclamation to clear the way for inspection of the pipeline ROW from the air and ground. The side-trimming crew will be working in the Dacula area over the next several weeks. Colonial will attempt to contact property owners personally prior to working on the properties through which the pipeline travels.  The Colonial inspector for side-trimming and reclamation work in the Dacula area is Dave Bartlett (404) 630-3106.

Dacula residents and visitors may see traffic delays as this work continues through the remainder of Summer.


Colonial pipeline system consists of more than 5,500 miles of underground pipe and above ground storage tanks and pump stations. Every day, Colonial transports more than 100 million gallons of fuel. Most of it originates in the refinery-rich region of the Gulf Coast. Colonial’s network of pipelines crosses 13 states, serving more than 265 marketing terminals in the Southern and Eastern United States.